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Amman, Jordan: The Olympic and Paralympic Games may now be over, but there will be no rest for the Jordan Olympic Committee (JOC) which is preparing for a busy election period.

The JOC introduced full democratic elections in 2004 according to the Sports Federations Rules and Regulations that was approved in 2003. These elections are held every four years for all sports federations and the JOC.

In 2008, some of the rules and regulations were amended and some tweaking has again happened in order to further improve the process and to ensure that the best people are elected in fair and transparent circumstances.

"We are looking forward to the elections in a very positive light and are confident that they will produce forward-thinking board members who will join us in developing sport over the next four years and beyond,” Lana Al Jaghbeer, JOC Secretary General, said.

HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein, JOC President, has already met with the current Federation Presidents to communicate his wish for open and fair elections. The Prince has stressed the need for dynamic and ambitious federations in order to support the JOC’s strategy for the next four years.